A Piece Of Modern Day Magic

With just one click of your mouse you can teleport into what feels like another world. A little piece of the magical fairytale exists in-world and never fails to ignite the imagination. Thanks to the inspiring Rezzable Productions and Not Possible In Real Life (NPIRL), a working group dedicated to identifying, sharing and showcasing well conceived and realized content creation that would not be possible in Real Life. They have joined forces to hold the largest-scale art show of its kind in the metaverse: The Garden of NPIRL Delights. Vivid colours envelope you as soon as you walk through the brightly coloured grass or along the pathway, which still glows with your world set to midnight. The trees look like they are made out of multi coloured glass and the particle effects look reminiscent of fireworks but with much more detail. A short walk takes you into what can only be described as an enchanted forest with bright shimmering particles circling above like UFOs and the light catches the trees making them glow.

This is the first time that such a large number of mostly well-known and well-regarded artists, architects, and scriptors have come together to embrace and demonstrate art and architecture and landscaping that “is not possible in Real Life”. The surreal theme is awash with colour, design and effects in an environment that moves, it feels like it is living, organic, even though it is far too fantastical for Real Life – Which is, in essence, the point. According to Jon Himoff (aka RightasRain Rimbaud), President and CEO of Rezzable Productions “it is not true that the online experience of Second Life® consists only of fantasy role play, shopping for virtual goods and cybersex, or even of digital and sometimes shallow duplications of things that exist in Real Life. It is about user engagement in an immersive 3D world that doesn’t even exist in online games such as WoW. If you give people in Second Life® a chance and a little structure – not a lot – they create art that is native to this new environment. For the Garden, we have joined together to push the bar way up in this new frontier, which is both an artistic and technological experiment.”

It is not possible to discover everything about the Garden of NPIRL Delights in one visit, it offers so many different visual experiences, there are simply too many to see all at once. But, there is also a wider message conveyed in the art show, that of Intellectual Property Rights: “we are also taking this opportunity to educate the Second Life® visitor about the IP rights of artists”, adds RightasRain Rimbaud. “Upon arrival, visitors will be asked to attribute any photography and Machinima to the artists whose work they portray.”

Josephina Bonetto

Written: 26 May 2008