Memoirs of a Vampire

By Josephina Bonetto

For some, vampires have always held a fascination, but for others there is more than just an interest in mythology and folklore – The vampire is erotic. So, because my Second Life had become quite hectic, I decided to take myself out of the virtual rat race and re-enter virtual society as a vampire, on vacation….

First, I tackled my image. A few clicks on Onrez later and I had delivered everything my vampire heart desired – shape, skin, hair, eyes, makeup and clothes. Next, I needed to join role playing society to have an air of authenticity, so I went house hunting on a vampire island to find myself a nice place to park my coffin. After what felt like an eternity of searching (and being the undead I had all the time in the world…), I found the perfect resting place. With my bachelorette vampire pad organized I then spent several days in the vampire wilderness going to events and clubs only to find very few people bothered to speak to me. Vampires as socialites? Apparently not.

I then decided it was time to become serious about living my vampire lifestyle and investigated what it is to have a vampire shopping spree in Second Life. While out and about, a vampire-about-town, I was approached by someone offering to “mentor” me, to turn me into a vampire, playing a peculiar yet intriguing game in-world. All I had to do was buy myself a HUD and let him drain me of all my blood. Simple? First, he bit me, then two others bit me at his clan Headquarters and then he drained me of all my blood taking possession of my soul. I then had to drink from a blood tank to become a fully fledged vampire (and adjust my special HUD to show my liege). That was it! Except it wasn’t. I had to drink every day to stay “alive” in the game! Could I do that? Hell, no! I’m a busy working woman in two lives, in my third life as a vampire party girl I needed a solution – I found it, an amulet offering me protection from “the curse” of having to drink blood every day to survive. The amulet came with a price tag but had plenty of bling. After a quick snack on a spare alt while I was making my mind up, I got the amulet and went dancing – Being a vampire is easy!

So, when did becoming the undead in Second Life become fashionable? Well, vampirism has always been relatively popular among gamers – With long, drawn out, epic mini novel emotes, and a back story so long that you wonder if they ever find the time to actually live a vampire lifestyle. But for some, being a vampire in Second Life is the epitome of erotica – Living out an adolescent, predominantly but not exclusively male, horny vampire fantasy.

“Each to their own”, one might say, but when did being a vampire become sexy? Does Buffy The Vampire Slayer have a lot to answer for or is it more deeply entrenched than that? Vampire mythology is often eroticized and romanticized and perfectly compatible with those Second Lifers who want to explore the darker depths of their sensuality with no need for boundaries and adherence to the societal norms of their real lives. Historically, vampire allure has been a mingling of terror with desire – Possibly borne out of the fantasy of being immortal. In other words, to experience what it is to be forever young and beautiful.

But, how much of the Second Life vampire myth is about losing yourself in a seductive embrace where all control is relinquished in pursuit of eroticism? And is it a bad thing to enjoy doing this within a safe environment? If all you are doing is playing a role, being a vampire is surely no better or worse than getting an erotic thrill from a good virtual spanking or a virtual buzz out of singing to your pregnant belly.

Some Second Lifers enjoy the discipline of role play, working within the remit of popular mythology and/or their “back story”, while others want to be seduced by something dark and dangerous that is lacking in their real lives. What did I get out of it? Peace, tranquillity, and I learned that being a vampire in Second Life does not mean I do not have a right to shoes….

By Josephina Bonetto