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As I enter the Carnival of Doom sim, I am greeted by ethereal music and invited to click the board at the ticket office to obtain my “Carnival HUD”. The HUD only interacts with the rides and I need do no more than wear it.

I begin with the Carousel, and on joining the ride, I am solemnly advised in green chat that if I were to disembark before my time had ended, I would suffer the consequences! Five minutes later and feeling dizzy, I disembark unscathed and enter a bouncy castle. It immediately starts to jump, throwing me around like a rag doll, but it is very realistic. I enter the gateway to the Ferris Wheel only to find myself presented with an “Out of Order” sign. I wonder to myself, what will happen if I take a seat, but nothing happens. Virtually a missed scripting opportunity, but nevertheless beautifully done. Similarly, the Freak Show was as inspiring a build as the Ferris Wheel but unscripted it was only a visual feast, as was the Big Top.

I explore the games area, winning a tortured teddy bear in the “Test Your Strength” game for my efforts. Some games require two players but have the promise to deliver with titles such as “Tic Tac Doom”. I wonder to myself, what will the consequences be if I break the rules… I return to the Carousel and leave the ride before it has stopped and, much to my surprise, I am sent to Hell. I find myself standing in a room reminiscent of a meeting room, only darker. After a few minutes, I am able to escape to another area where I am greeted with instrumental “elevator” music and a skull and I realise I am still in Hell. I never escape…