A Piece Of Modern Day Magic [26 May 2008]

A Piece Of Modern Day Magic With just one click of your mouse you can teleport into what feels like another world. A little piece of the magical fairytale exists in-world and never fails to ignite the imagination. Thanks to the inspiring Rezzable Productions and Not Possible In Real Life (NPIRL), a working group dedicated

The Future of Religion? [8 June 2008]

The Future of Religion? The two-day conference, The Future of Religions/Religions of the Future ran from 4-5 June 2008 on the two islands of Extropia and Al-Andalus, and was an examination of how religion and technology continue to re-shape each other. There were eleven presenters, different voices, spread across the two days the conference ran.

The Morality Test [19 July 2008]

The Morality Test I have been wondering for some time now if having a Second Life partner would act as a deterrent to potential lovers or suitors. So, being partnered in Second Life, but in an open relationship, I decided to test my theory between April and July of this year. Obviously, I was not

Second Sexpectations [16 Nov 2008]

Second Sexpectations As I write this column a friend is waiting to find out if her missing Second Life husband will return. He disappeared two weeks ago, with no word. They have been friends for months, marrying in a virtual ceremony in September of this year. She knows he is around online, just not in-world

Memoirs of a Vampire [2 Nov 2008]

Memoirs of a Vampire By Josephina Bonetto For some, vampires have always held a fascination, but for others there is more than just an interest in mythology and folklore – The vampire is erotic. So, because my Second Life had become quite hectic, I decided to take myself out of the virtual rat race and

Alaskan Life Meets Second Life [16 May 2008]

Alaskan Life Meets Second Life® On Monday 12 May 2008 at 12pm SLT, the Rasmuson Gallery of Alaskan Artists officially opened on the University of Alaska Fairbanks island Rhetoria. The art gallery was launched by the Rasmuson Foundation, a private foundation that works as a catalyst to promote a better life for Alaskans by supporting